Mary DeLave had the opportunity to live a creative life which started in childhood with a great deal of freedom to explore her own interests. She was also able to go to an alternative high school which continued to allow her freedom to explore. Mary graduated from Washington University in St Louis, MO with a Major in Architecture which helped her to think outside the box.

The overall focus of Mary's paintings is on the interactions of people and critters and often explores the multifaceted and richly layered aspects of relationships.

Mary works mostly in acrylic and enjoys exploring different techniques. Her compositions invite the viewer to see from different perspectives and look beyond the ordinary. 


RESUME- Mary DeLave

2018-2022 Ongoing Show at Vue Restaurant, Gualala CA
2011 "Abstraction" San Francisco Bar Association, SF, CA
2009 “Musical Interlude” Capture Gallery, Sausalito, California
2008 “Summer Illusions” Campton Place Hotel, San Francisco California
2006 "Fall Celebrations"- Parkside, Stinson Beach, California
2005 “Merging Realities” Utopia Gallery, San Francisco, California
1997 “Eclipsed Insights” Soft Touch Gallery, San Francisco, California
1994 “Esoteric Instincts" Sausalito Fine Art Gallery, Sausalito, Ca.
1993 “Tinfoil Romances” Coffee Source, Berkeley, California
1992 “Myth, Magic & Stool Pigeons” The Bison, Berkeley, California

2015-2017 Society of Fine Art - Weekly group shows in San Francisco, California
1995-2015 Artists Guild of San Francisco - Weekly group shows in San Francisco, California
2014 Market & Sanchez gallery, San Francisco California
2006-2008 The Artists Alley, Gallery of Fine Art, Hayes St, San Francisco, California
2004-2008 Corte Real Art Gallery, Algarve, Portugal
2007 “Abstract 9” Group show 3rd Street, San Francisco
2001 “Marin Art Festival” San Rafael, California
1998 “The Village Gallery”, Lahaina Hawaii
1997 “Group Show” Gallery 26, New York, NY
1997 “SCOMA” Chicago, represented by Mobilia Gallery Ma.
1996 “Bolinas Art Museum Miniatures Show” Bolinas, California
1993-1997 “Affair in the Gardens” Beverly Hills, California
1996 “Bellevue Art Show”  Bellevue, Washington
1991 “Portrait Madness,” The Bison, Berkeley, California
1990 “The Painted Figure,” College of Marin, Novato, California
1988 “Group Show” Eva Soltes Fine Arts Gallery, Berkeley, California
1987 “Jewelry Art” Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, California
1986 “Art and Aids” Jamison Thomas Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1985 “Group Show” Jamison Thomas Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1984 “Faces” Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1983 “Portland Art Museum Biennial,” Portland, Oregon

1996-2015 Board Member of the Artist Guild of San Francisco
2002-2006 Teaching Creativity Classes
1988-1998 Freelance Illustration and Design, Marin County, California
1983-1997 Design, Production and Sales of Hand Painted Jewelry as co-owner of Sacred Laughter

2018 Psychic Reiki: Divine Life-Force Energy Healing
2017 Criminology: The Core 7th Edition
2016 Criminology: Theories, Patterns and Typologies 13th Edition
2006 Book Cover: The Sage Handbook of Gender and Communications
2006 Book Cover: Facework - Bridging Theory and Practice
2000 Book Cover: Speaking the Unspeakable
1997 Wine Label: Dry Creek Wine

2009 Concepts in Art, Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA
2003-2007 Masters Abstract Painting studies with Tesia Blackburn, San Francisco CA
1981-2002 Variety of classes and workshops for ongoing stimulation of new ideas and techniques including studies with Tron Bykle, Chester Arnold and Tim Schaible
1979 BA in Architecture, Washington University, St Louis, Missouri

2009 “Wings of Love” Peg & Doug Hellman
2007 "Portrait", Katherine Rowlands
2005 “Seeing in the Dark”, Dave Maybaum
2005 “Life Reflections”, Richard Griff & Kenny Vick
2005 “Romantically Entwined” Jeff Koots
2004 “Birds Eye View” Stobeck
2002 "Into a Spiral Vision" Alex Chupkin
2002 “Calypso Reigns” Gary Pavlenkov
2002 “Opening to Light” Jules Vecchine & Tony Bacus
2001 ”Kids Rule” Anthony Sorge
2001 “Portrait” Will Schaleben
2001 “Family Portrait” Sondra Kruz
2000 “Portrait” Dan Kimball
1999 “Celebration of Creation”
1999 “Portrait” Michele Maybuam
1999 “A Secret Longing” Gloria Leeds
1999 “Cosmic Cosmos“
1998 “The fool Card” Lee Loftin
1998 “Dreaming Hand” Tina Gordon
1997 “Portrait of Tiffle” Jane Gasdaska
1995 “Wedding Portrait” Jane Gasdaska
1992 “Family Portrait,” Patrick & Carolyn Stella-Della
1992 “Two Women” Katherine and Michael Lee

'Young Americans on show' at Corte-Real Art Gallery, Paderne Portugal • 27 Mar 2008 •

"Following the successful launch of Corte-Real’s showcase party, ‘Young Americans’, the exhibition of flamboyant modern art is now open to the public. Situated on the railway station platform in Boliqueime, the gallery contains an eclectic mixture of vibrant paintings, ceramics, lighting, interesting gifts and art objects.

There is a wide variety of artwork from the USA created by several American artists, their paintings specifically selected as fine examples of their styles. Pictures by one of San Francisco’s most talked about artists, Mary DeLave are inspirational. Described as expressionistic, she portrays a passing glance by using multiple faces. She integrates abstraction and symbolism, communicating her understanding of human nature through complex images.

A member of the Artists' Guild of San Francisco, Mary DeLave is one of the city’s most unique artists noted for producing curious and unusual items of jewelry and extraordinary paintings. Guided by a personal belief in Hand Analysis – not to be confused with predictive palmistry or fortune-telling – she is driven by intuitive energy.

Several of the Artists' Guild exhibitions have been sponsored by Grants for the Arts. Mary's work has been seen throughout America and is the subject of interest in Europe. For anyone with an eye for imaginative, figurative modern art, the opportunity to see her work should not be missed. Mary DeLave’s paintings and those of other international artists such as Beaman Cole and Kevin Kadir are for sale. The gallery also presents the work of some of the Algarve’s most reputable artists including Meinke Flesseman, Jessica Dunn and John Lamonby.

Location: -Galeria Corte-Real is located on the EN 125 near the Fonte de Boliqueime roundabout. It is well signposted with ample car parking outside of the railway station. The gallery is open five days per week from 10am until 5pm. It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays."Psychic Reiki: Divine Life-Force Energy Healing

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